Guernsey Museums

There are a number of museums throughout the islands and those opened to the public are mentioned here for your ease. Please always check with the individual sites for opening times and entry fees.

The German Occupation Museum - Guernsey
Situated at Les Houards in the Forest parish, Guernsey, the German Occupation Museum opened in 1966 by Richard Heaume a founder member of the Occupation Society, has undoubtedly the finest collection of WWII relics in the Channel Islands. Website
Castle Cornet - Guernsey
The Castle was the 'Hafenschlosss' (harbour Castle) during the occupation of Guernsey by German forces from 1940 until 1945. The occupying forces built air raid shelters and platforms for anti aircraft guns to update the Castle for 20th century warfare. Website
Fort Hommet - Guernsey
This casemate is one of 21 'Fortress' bunkers built in Guernsey to house 10.5cm K331(f) guns. Four were installed here at Fort Hommet and make up part of 'Stutzpunkt Rotenstein'. Construction work here was carried out by the Organisation Todt. Website
La Vallette Tunnels - Guernsey
La Valette German Underground Museum is an exhibition illustrating Guernsey's military history, including WWI, the German Occupation and the island's Militia. Set in air-conditioned tunnels, built by the German's as a fuel storage facility for U-Boats.
The German Underground Hospital - Guernsey
The largest construction in the Channel Islands, hewn out of solid rock by slave workers of many nationalities for the German forces 1940-1945. Almost invisible from the surface the tunnel complex covers 7000 square metres. Website
Plienmont Observation Tower - Guernsey
This is one of many towers built in Guernsey, each observation level would provide information for one of the batteries. This tower was built in 1942, the navy using the top three levels for their batteries. The two lower levels were taken over by the army. Website

Other Museums

The Sark Occupation Museum - Sark
Visitors are always interested in Sark's experience of German Occupation. Sark has a privately owned and well established Heritage and Occupation Museum on Rue Lucas. Website
The Channel Islands Military Museum - Jersey
Located along The Five Mile Road, St. Ouen you will find the museum and inside a collection of militaria from the occupation of the Channel Islands. There are many items for sale that will interest serious collectors throughout the world. Website
The Alderney Museum - Alderney
The museum covers the Iron Age, the Gallo-Roman occupation, the Elizabethan Wreck, the building of the Victorian breakwater and harbour together with the numerous associated forts, and the German fortification and the islanders' mass evacuation in 1940. Website