Featured Publications

Newsletter 36 - 2011
Newsletter 36 released in June 2011 includes short articles entitled 'Ein Bilderbogen von Den Kanalinsln', 'A Connection With The Past', 'Friends in High Places', 'Klaus Wilhelm', and 'New Exhibit at Museum'. Click here to view
Newsletter 34 - 2010
Newsletter 34 released in October 2010 includes short articles entitled 'House for Sale', 'A Letter From John Bennet', 'The German Yacht Georgi', 'Camouflaged Airport Hanger', and 'Mulberry Harbour Relic'. Click here to view
Newsletter 33 - 2010
Newsletter 33 released in June 2010 includes short articles entitled 'Memorial Plaque to Allied Airmen', 'A Minor Mystery Solved', 'Deck Gun of The Berhard von Tschirschky', 'New Exhibition at The Occupation Museum', and 'Building Certificate'. Click here to view
CIOS Review 2010
Features of the 2010 review include A Guernsey homecoming, Operation Hardtack 7 & 22, Medicine and public health in the CI. Tank Turrets in Alderney, Liberation recollections, Berhard Von Tschirschky. For availability please contact us.
CIOS Review 2008
Features include Alderney Liberated, Fl. Lt. H. Hailstone, Mirus Guns, Return Journey of Deportees, Policing during the Occupation, Dr. Alistair Rose Part III, Albert Engel,U-275, Searchlights in Guernsey. For availability please contact us.
CIOS Review 2006
Features include Liberation Treasure Chest - The Uniforms of Maj. G. Johnson. Guenther Brauner, A Childs War, Liberation Cavalcades, Merlyn Severn, VS-6 Hitlers Secret Weapon for Guernsey, Batterie Steinbruch. For availability please contact us.


While newsletters were issued in the early years of the Societies life, it was from these that the annual Review sprung. Consequently, members were then normally notified of events via an A4 news sheet. However it was felt by the late 1990s this did not provide enough, especially to members of the Guernsey branch residing outside of the Bailiwick. So in October 1999, with issue Number 1, a new A4 sized newsletter was born. Typically running to either 8 or 12 pages, this excellent mini-paper provides notification of forthcoming events, a platform for members own discoveries or enquiries, current items of interest spotted in the media and many other items that due to size or scope would not make it into a Review. Produced three times a year (usually. February, June & October), members contributions are warmly welcomed.

CIOS Review

The Society was founded in Guernsey in 1961, though it was not until 1966 that the idea of producing a newsletter was first adopted. With a growing Jersey membership, in 1969 the title of 'Channel Islands Occupation Review' was used in an attempt to clarify the scope of content and the subsequent appointment of a Jersey and Guernsey editor reinforced this widened approach. Following the introduction of photographs in 1973, 1974 saw the first effort to produce a comprehensive A5 format on which future issues could be based. Proving exceedingly popular, the previous years news bulletin was reformatted and reissued. Today the Review has become the Societies flagship publication and has developed a well deserved reputation for accuracy, well researched articles and diverse range of subject matter.

Other Publications

Aside from its annual publication, there are on occasion moments when subject matter is to weighty to be put in the Review. So over the years both branches of the Channel Islands Occupation Society, have from time to time produced Archive books which give the opportunity to provide in depth studies into various aspects of the Occupation. In addition to these, a recent series of booklets have been produced titled as 'Guides to..' and give readers location specific information to various locales and are great value to both the casual and experienced reader. There are many other publications written and still being written about the Occupation, and it is a source of pride that our members have in many instances been called upon for their expertise, to help with research and their guidance.